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Monday, November 08, 2004

Poetry will be coming soon! -Jinx

Posted at 08:46 am by RejectProject
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Sunday, November 28, 2004

This blog is going to be set up in alphabetical order, more or less. Contrary to most other blogs, this blog will be set up with the newest entries at the bottom. Therefore, this post will always be second to the top. All of the poems that I think are the best ones to read, I am marking them in BLUE. And without any further ado, here comes the poetry.

Posted at 12:33 pm by RejectProject
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By Free Will-December 2001

Though sought,

Remains pressed,

Under the rock of life,

Sins preached,

Sins followed,

They are a rock,

Covering much,

Blinding eyes,

Truth unseen,

Perhaps oppressed,

Under free will,

For fear of hate,

Fear of unknown,

So hated by most,

Flourishing sin,

Ruining love, life, peace,

Contentment extinct,

Unseemly deeds,

Committed effortlessly,

Second thoughts now cast away,

Gone forever,

Irony abounds,

The play,

Though unscripted,

Is foretold.

Posted at 12:34 pm by RejectProject
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Deeds-January 13, 2002

Deeds, actions

Thoughts mobilized,

Dreams, plans

Become truth,

Not always remembered,

But never forgotten

The pain remains

It cannot be suppressed,

The unyielding,

Always right beneath


Waiting to surface

To raise it's tormented head,

The slightest hint,

No matter the minisculity,

Will unleash the beast,

The destroyer of families,

The tongue.

It is slippery;

Easily unsheathed,

Always ready to massacre

It is the sharpest object,

Speech can be

The greatest deed,

But more than not

It is used in foolish anger,

To "get even" with those

Whom you don't care for,

You only care of

Things that benefit yourself.

When my deeds

Do not meet your criteria,

You draw it out,

It is dreaded.

Mercilessly you slaughter,

No chance for honest defense

Who are you?

I do not know you,

Not now;

Our friendship erased,

You care not,

Because you are enticed

By worldly lusts,

The jewels of your eyes,

Provoking your very being!

Posted at 12:35 pm by RejectProject
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End Of Life-June 20, 2003

No-one to turn to,
Nowhere to go,
My life's flying by,
It suddenly slowed.
What I once had,
Has now pushed away,
And the pain it has brought,
Makes me curse my birth day.
She says that she cares,
That it hurts me so,
I'm asking God why,
But the answer won't show.
It won't go away,
The pain just increases,
The burden is rough,
I've fallen to pieces.
Daily I wish,
God would take me away,
I want to see Heaven,
I hope it's today.

Posted at 12:36 pm by RejectProject
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Euphorically Challenged-August 14, 2003

"Euphorically Challenged".
Is that politically correct?
But even if it's wrong,
Will it really have an effect?
Call me what you will,
It doesn't change the facts,
I'm not the man I used to be,
Because she turned her back.
I'm just an emotional wreck,
That's how it stands today,
Just the shell of my former self,
My core has rotted away.
Her changes were so rapid,
I had no time to grow,
In what seemed but an instant,
Her answer turned to "No".
I'm longing to find joy,
I'm longing to feel right,
But nothing pulls this pain away,
Euphoria's lost the fight.
The challenge that I must now face,
Grows darker up ahead,
I wish that God would pull me out,
But pain and I are wed.
Euphoria hates the loneliness,
I try to make it leave,
Euphoria and I once were friends,
But now we're enemies.
Wanna see past the surface?
You want to see inside?
Well if your motives are not pure,
Your access is denied.
I've reached a brand-new stage in life,
I've stopped playing that game,
I won't use pain to gain myself,
Any sympathy or fame.

Posted at 12:37 pm by RejectProject
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Girl I Love-February 18, 2002

She is so kind,

She is so nice,

If she were to love me,

All else would suffice.

Oh, how I long,

To listen to her speak,

When I hear her voice,

My heart hits its peak.

Her kindness is great,

That I can't deny,

I pray that she stays,

And I never say goodbye.

As the eagle doth soar,

So does my heart fly,

My heart's in a knot,

One that I can't untie.

But what am I saying,

I'm undone at the seam,

She's only a figment,

Only a dream.

In her world I'm there,

But I'm not her love,

But to me she will always,

Be a gift from above.

Posted at 12:37 pm by RejectProject
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God's Best-March 4, 2002

Walking down alleys,

False love on either side,

To some it is tempting,

But not to me,

I am disgusted by it,

It is a wretched thing.

I know it is not God's will,

For me to partake,

His plan is greater,

It is best.

Drizzling rain,

As though to wash the filth away,

But it can't.

If Jesus' blood were to pour,

It could consume the grime,

But none ask it of Him.

They remain hateful.

Soon the false love pursues,

Dying for acceptance,

I give it none.

The love I want,

I cannot have,

I will not falter for others,
Save God's best.

Posted at 12:38 pm by RejectProject
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Happiness-February 24, 2002

Happiness comes,
Happiness goes,
But for me it leaves,
'Cause love is my foe.
I know love hates me,
But I love it,
Love controls happiness,
So my life is the pits.
There are good things,
That can bring me joy,
But most of them don't,
I'm a sorry old boy.
I'm always unhappy,
I'm always depressed,
I cannot find joy,
It's an uncommon guest.
But there'll be a day,
When happy I'll be,
When my heart is filled,
By the girl of my dreams.

Posted at 12:38 pm by RejectProject
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Heaven Has Turned To Hell-July 3, 2003

This is my life?

It's now upside-down,

Heaven and Hell,

Have all turned around.

Life has lost focus,

The meaning's not there,

All from this girl,

That no longer cares.

I never did think,

I would see this day,

I wished it had lasted,

Now I sit here and pray.

The love that I feel,

It burns in my heart,

She made a decision,

She chose to depart.

Nothing can show her,

The feelings in me,

When I tell them to her,

Her heart runs to flee.

She won't even try,

She'll never give in,

She rejected my words,

I died just then.

On May the 16th,

Our last kiss was made,

The memory's there,

It never will fade.

If I had known then,

That it'd be our last,

I'd done some things different,

But it's now in the past.

On May 25th,

The first tears were shed,

She ignored all my love,

My heart sunk like lead.

I should have known then,

That she didn't care,

I didn't see the truth,

Though it was right there.

Why would God give me,

Something so great,

To have it forever?

It doesn't equate.

I realize that now,

But I didn't that day,

"The Lord our God giveth,

Then He taketh away."

Hell is my Heaven,

And Heaven's my Hell,

On May 28th,

My entire world fell.

I worked so hard,

I never caved in,

I gave her my all,

But most from within.

I've never felt,

This way for another,

Not my mom or my dad,

Not a friend or my brother.

Anything for her,

I'd give my last breath,

I didn't want to die,

But I'll never fear death.

On July the 3rd,

I sit here and write,

Of the feelings in me,

On this dark lonely night.

You can't comprehend,

Lest it happens to you,

Will God bring her back,

Or bring someone anew?

Maybe the answer,

Is just shrouded in mist,

Then I realize,

Answers don't exist.

That is my life,

A series of pain,

There's holes in my heart,

My life has been slain.

I look to the sky,

In the middle of day,

Darkness surrounds me,

I start to decay.

My body is crumbling,

Most days I'm weary,

Throughout my days,

My eyes have grown teary.

Struggling to last,

I want back my life,

I want to be rid of,

This misery and strife.

She has the power,

She holds all the keys,

But she'll never be,

The one I can please.

She's moving on,

She'll soon find one better,

The thought of that prospect,

Makes my eyes get much wetter.

This wasn't typical,

It wasn't some fling,

And so in conclusion,

I must say one thing.

Love doesn't hurt you,

It won't make you cry,

It's the absence of love,
That will cause you to die.

Posted at 12:39 pm by RejectProject
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